Fall Thoughts: The Rucksack

Neef C: Feels good to be in the peak of Autumn again with the sudden change in the color of the leaves, with wind blowing a little more gracefully and and seeing street walkers layering again. As you may have previously seen on our blog, I bring you another segment of menswear accessories; The Bag. The rucksack is  a cherishing item that was a must-have for me again going into the early season. With great thanks to the fellow Jersey Native creators dubs, Herds of the Fathers, this has been my go-to bag since my purchase. I haven’t had such a more quality leather bag in my life. This one emptied my pockets a bit, but I’m quite confident that this will last for years time with the high graded quality. I’m thrilled for this upcoming season for plenty of reasons that you will soon see. The weather here in DE is beautiful for this time of the year so we will be sure to take advantage. Our Fall Thoughts installments will continue for every fall and winter season.

Herds of the Fathers Rucksack

Vintage Beanie

Vintage Turtleneck Sweater

Tight Long Johns Nudie Demin

Converse All-Stars

I carry everything in this from my books for class, my laptop, clothes when I’m traveling, etc. Its pretty handy for me and sturdy on my back, so I bring it everywhere possible. 

My usual view in the morning walking toward school. I always try to take a moment and soak in the beauty of unspeakable creation. 

League L O W.

2 thoughts on “Fall Thoughts: The Rucksack

  1. All I can say is WOW!!! what a blessing, and I thank God for that you are your Mother’s child. I’m loving it keep up the awesome work you do, don’t worry about your haters let God deal with them.

    Be bless Son

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