ACL Sport: Concrete Classics

Neef C: On the hottest day of this past summer, Joe and I decided to take advantage of the challenging weather and give it a bit of a workout. A sport that is as natural to us as any other, we hit the concrete jungle of our city to grace the boundaries of the court. The cycle of sports apparel has change drastically within the last few decades, more baseball players wearing pants, lots of Under Armour worn in football, longer shorts in basketball and fitted jerseys as well. Michael Jordan can be the one to blame for the longer short for his college lucky charm preference, but all others came from sports science and technology. Some of the “wonder years” of the NBA were those a decade before we were alive when Magic, Bird, Jordan, Isaiah, and Dominique screeched the hardwood floors. That was the rise stage of the apparel era in professional sports to me with styles being created in sports. With the NBA season in our near view, maybe there are some modern changes that with collaborate old school and new school sports styles.

This concrete  sanctuary is under Interstate 80 E toward NYC. Joe and I have been coming here for years shooting around. This area was once the landmark for city-wide tournaments. 


American Apparel Tank

Vintage Shorts

Air Jordan 6s

I used to be a huge sneakerhead so I thought it was only right to represent the GOAT. The funny thing is now is that these are the only pair of Jordans I own. Proud of it too.

Joe V

American Apparel Tank

Uniqlo Sweats

Converse Classics ( Vintage Edition)

“I remember I use to believe that the only way of getting recognition for things you did was if you were a musician or athlete. with the appreciation of meeting some great people and maturity, I now can see the truth behind having all that you ever desire. There’s no rush to be the best; the process for becoming great is usually the best part.”

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