Against the Grains

Neef C: I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while and its been killing me ever since, but I’m here again to create and embrace all that the world has to offer. Its been a struggle in some cases, but sometimes that’s needed to help us revamp our minds to be better than yesterday. I’ve been playing around with some creative things and I wanted to see how film photography changes the view of a blog. To me, its something that feels timeless when your viewing them. You appreciate the work that was done for you in the dark room the same way you would appreciate a local manufacturer reconstructing your leather goods. I’m an old soul and my mind has been at ease for most of 2012. The ups and down have come, but this will be a summer to remember. These visuals are just a small element of art to me even with the blemishes of my fingers in the way of the camera. This is just one more step into the realm of creativity and we will take each one with an open mind. It feels like we’re entering a new saga on our journey.



These pants have become a summer obsession. Will be looking forward to some other trousers for the heatwave weather because these are total comfort.

Next time I’ll be mindful to eliminate my finger problem too. Till then.

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