Sorry For The Wait

Craig J:  Salutations people! Its been a long while since ACL has been apart of the blogosphere world, but nevertheless we are back. For our reader/viewers who still keep intact with us, I speak on behalf of my brothers, we appreciate you. Since our last post way back in December, Autumn lookbook, ACL has been going through a bit of a reconstruction period”;  reevaluating our future plans and goals, searching for graphic designer (help us please!!) and dealing with the burden of school on our backs, it been quite hectic i must say. But like I said we are back!  With this outfit I manifested, detailing was a key competent. I combined various fabrics such as denim, tweed, cotton and velvet. Shootout to my bro Hanif Castle for the pictures & Check out some of my work BeyondTheFrame Photography. =)

3 thoughts on “Sorry For The Wait

  1. Nice Young Craig, I’m thankful you’re back It looks good. Next time if you can bring Hanif in there with you with more of the young men,but in all it really looks good. Love ya much
    Momma Greene

  2. New to the blog pretty dope. Nice watch, could you provide a bit more info on it. Like the brand and pricing? Im looking for a goldish color watch.

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