Autumn Lookbook 2011

Neef C: The anticipation has been suffocating me like the only non-smoker in a “pot box” but the wait was well worth it. I find that style has become apart of my life for a while now that I’m looking back at what I’ve done and the smoove people I’ve encountered. Our lookbook may seem like it is effortless, but it took some creative work to help manipulate the simplest idea and create it to be complex. Fall Thoughts series was our way of leading our readers to the highly anticipated lookbook. For us, the ability to do what you love and express it to the world is the drive and motivation that we use to continue and innovate (I will be throwing that word around a lot). Being a Tarheels fan has helped me illuminate with the vibrant color of Carolina blue with dim fall colours. As the best season of the year, we take advantage of the great weather and terrific change of the season. Autumn Lookbook with style, motivation and happiness.

Images by: Brandon Johnson ~ Location: Wilmington DE

Excuse the harsh delay of game on the offense. Coach and his players were unsure to call the Hail Mary or to take a knee. We’ll let you be the judge of which play we chose.


League Low and be Blessed in 2012.

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