Fall Thoughts: The Bag

Brent S: When the bag is thought of it is mostly given the stable as being dominated for one sex. That sex being females of course, the major accessory for the female population the bag rules their world. From Michael Khors to Salvatore Ferragamo the bag clutch even in some styles the wallet is monopolized by the female fashion industry. But today the masculine men who want the style and of a carry all bag, as well as the aesthetically pleasing appeal of different colors, fabrics, patterns. Today there is not a man I know that will not tote around a backpack, briefcase, or tote bag that doesn’t have some influence on his style.

The likes of how you find your bag is a journey unto itself the thrift is a great start.

My brother Lavan has here a weekend bag made of grain black leather with silver D rings

Coupled with the weekend bag is Japanese denim pants makes the leather contrast stand out.

The great compliment of having a bag is that it pulls focus away so in this case the Vans that my brother is wearing are easily over looked.

The vintage BDU is rare bag that has been with me most of my military career so deciding to make it a part of my style was a brainless choice.

My bag is very spacious and functional while being carried in Afghanistan so it doubles as a satchel now with school books instead of ammo.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction line is a great collection an item that displays this is the briefcase here worn by my brother Hanif C.

The bag is a true testament to the versatility of a mans style. The true staple of who can couple pieces of an outfit together.

To all of the inspiring style aficionado league low and prosper.

2 thoughts on “Fall Thoughts: The Bag

  1. Alright that’s really, really smoove, the look brings out a Man in all of you. Keep going it works for me, it has style and finesse.

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